Thursday, August 26, 2010

This evening, I scared a calf and caused a minor goat stampede.

I am fulfilled.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I turned ten on August 9th!

It was a good birthday, starting with raw, delicious stewing beef mixed into my breakfast kibble. I had a great walk with my pack, and at dinner time, Diane and Cosmos showed up. We went for a walk and hung out for awhile.

I was a bit freaked out when Cosmos started sniffing the pork-hide bone my human got for me a few weeks ago. She handed it to me a few weeks ago and was all excited; I really couldn't have cared less about the thing and made that abundantly clear.

However, once Cosmos expressed interest in it, I had to consume it. And that's what I did - just sat there being rude, not visiting at all, eating my pork-hide bone. The human came home from her first day at a new job and I didn't even get up to greet her; just ate my bone. Oh, I looked up, but that's all I could afford to do.

Aunt Diane ratted me out, told the human I'd been desperately eating the thing since Cosmos noticed it and hadn't been doing anything else, and damned if the human didn't stride over, remove the bone from between my greedy paws and tell me I was being a bad hostess.


Wtf is that?

I'm a dog, for god sake - someone was threatening my secret food stash - I HAD to eat it immediately.

Anyway, I forgot out my irritation when the doorbell rang and my boyfriend Riley showed up.


Cosmos, Riley and I did some sniffing together for awhile and hung out before the human came out of the kitchen with some amazing pumpkin-kibble cupcake things with natural peanut butter icing. I had to endure the stupid candle thing again this year, but it was so worth it. We each got a cupcake and chowed down. My god, they were delicious.

Ohhhhh and Diane brought me some dried up bull penises as a present!

My stomach was truly happy at the conclusion of my tenth birthday.