Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's a frozen paws kind of morning

-29 this morning.

Plus there was snow last night, so there is salt out there.

My paws kept freezing. It's not so bad when only one does it, but when it's three or four at the same time, walking say the least.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yesterday I pooped on a hill.

So it all rolled down.

Therefore, the human had to reach the poo and pick it up while still managing to hold onto my leash.

I believe she likes the challenge.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Definitely getting older

It's noticeable now.

Aside from my distinguished grey muzzle...!

Christmas was super stressful. It's too much for me now, being away from my own den and routine, all the noise and people. Even though I love the people, it is just too much. I spent most of the time hiding on Piper's dog bed in the corner (except when there was food or turkey around). I panted. I acted and felt like I was a thousand years old. The human had planned for us to stay overnight after Christmas dinner, but she decided, thank god, to get me home instead. We piled into the car at 8:45, tired and full, and headed home. The next day, I was myself again.

We had our first big snowfall, and went to Bronte. But this year, it was so hard for me to plow through the fields of snow. So most of the time, the human broke trail and I followed behind her. I still like biting and eating the snow, and I LOVE sniffing all the tracks I find in it. But trudging through it is not my thing anymore. Nor is going up snow banks, even low ones. My back end doesn't do very well.

I sleep more now. And my skin, jeez, it's a pain in the ass. Spots and dryness all the time. This never happened to me before.

I fall down the carpeted stairs once in awhile, and sitting on hardwood floors is, well, comical. Doesn't always work out for me.

I have outlived three of my boyfriends now. My Ottawa man, Vimy, is now waiting for me with Riley and Mazzy. So sad.

My mind is still sharp as a tack though - very little slips by me.

Except for a coyote last week. Oh, and a huge buck. But that was my eyes, not my head.

For 12  1/2, I think I am doing pretty well.

The human keeps asking me to live as long as she does.

We shall see about that. Not sure I can accommodate her. But I will try.