Thursday, May 28, 2009

My boyfriend was hit by a car!

He's ok, thank god.

He was playing catch with his ball in his favourite park across the street, saw two dogs across the street and, quite uncharacteristically, decided to run across to say hello to them. His dad yelled at him to stay, no no avail. Off Riley went, onto Lakeshore Rd. He was hit by an SUV. The man stopped, apologized to Gary, said he tried hard to avoid Riley. Gary told him it was not his fault - it was his fault that Riley was off leash and ran into the street. When Riley went onto the road - at rush hour - his dad's heart was in his throat.

Amazingly, all that happened is a small abraision on the inside of one of Riley's legs.

He is truly incredible.

I love him even more now.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have a message to deliver.

I know we have language issues. I will try to make this as simple and clear as possible.

Stay away from my bum.

All of you.

Don't touch my bum.

Don't lift up my tail to look at my bum.

Don't stick fingers or thermometers into my bum.

If my anal glands are clogged, leave the damned things alone. I'll suffer.

Don't talk about my bum.

Just leave my bum alone.

Seriously. I've had it with all of you.

Got it?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There is a field at Bronte that, around this time of year, is like a little slice of heaven. Whenever we hike in May, we stop in this field. If it's windy, you can see the tall grass blowing with the wind, and smell thousands of amazing scents in the air.

We stopped in our field last night during a twilight hike. The human laid down in the grass. I licked her face, then, surrounded by super fat blades of spring grass, feasted on the buffet around me. Once I'd filled my belly, I kicked back, put my nose up and sniffed the air. Whenever the wind changed, the scents changed.

I love that field.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello readers! One tired out German shepherd here. I ran a bit too much today, given that my arthritis is bugging me. Couldn't help it - we got to Bronte and Diane and Cosie were there - happy, happy happy! We had a great walk, played in the creek, I rolled in some mud (Cosmos is such a lady - she tiptoed through it), and met a few dogs. Good times. On our last walk of the day, I saw Riley again and we walked together. Now I'm home and pretty damned tired. And smelly.

Had a rather humiliating experience the other night. I was tired after a day of hiking and sleeping, and was snoozing over by the loveseat, upside down with my ass exposed for the world to see. The human came down to the floor to snuggle me (ugh) and, well, I think I farted but I'm not sure. This totally intense smell started coming from my butt. Next thing I know, the human is examining my ass. I kept snoozing. She got up, went into the kitchen - and I heard water running.

That is generally not a good sign.

I stood up in order to facilitate a quick escape if necessary.

It was futile. The human came out of the kitchen holding a wash cloth. I could smell shampoo on it. She lifted up my tail and - jesus - cleaned my ass. It was SO humiliating.

Some days...but, hey, I smell petal fresh now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I ran into Riley on my morning walk today - what a surprise! Even he was excited. He usually plays it cool with me, but this morning, he ran toward me and was all playful. We circled each other, did a few play bows, I ran back and forth around him and then we all walked together around the neighbourhood. He peed on things, then I peed on top of his pee after assessing it. We stopped together at my favourite spring grass eating spot, and Lesli fed us both really good spring grass (sometimes it's hard to get to so she helps out). Great way to start my day.

I hear, however, that things may go downhill. I believe the human told Riley's human something about a visit to the vet this morning and anal glands.

This does not please me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Totally awesome weekend. Got to play with my BFF Cosmos yesterday at Bronte! She brought a new guy with her, Sky. He's big - he's a wolf/malamute cross and is totally cool. I liked him right away. We have a lot in common - we both like to lay down in muddy puddles, swim in everything and we both sometimes go from being happy and playful to suddenly aggressive. One thing we do not have in common - he listens to his human when he's told to stop. I just keep fighting until someone pulls me off. We ran and played and laid in puddles, went down to the creek (where I took a little ride in the current but got out ok). The three of us played like puppies down there. I was so tired out, I didn't even ask for my evening walk. Just slept.

I was a bit sore this morning after all that running and frolicking, so we did an on-leash hike this morning. We went up to Burns Conservation Area for the first time in over a year - plenty of new smells, tons of fresh water to lay in and bite, a lake to swim in. I had a lot of fun. The bath afterward? Not so much fun. Apparently I "earned" it because I shook in the car. Whatever.

I just finished doing the crazy wet dog thing, running all over the house and jumping on beds. Time for a nap.