Monday, February 24, 2014

I was having a nice nap...

I really was having a great nap yesterday morning - mind you, while being forced to wear a red and white scarf with a freaking pom-pom in honour of the Canadian men's hockey team that was playing for gold while I napped. There I was, snoozing away, dreaming of all sorts of delicious things like eating rabbit and goose poo, frolicking in the lake, chasing down bunnies and squirrels...when all of a sudden...'YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" - the sound of my human screaming filled the air.

Immediately I jumped to my feet, ready to guard and protect the human and our den from whatever abhorrent evil had invaded our sleepy Sunday morning.

But, I sensed no distress in the human.

Turns out, the idiot was yelling because Canada scored a goal.

After staring her down for a few seconds, I returned to my dreams. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Family Day

Even though it wasn't a holiday for her, the human spent Family Day with me yesterday. She was away all last week, and I had one hell of a crappy week without her. At least I was with my Auntie Diane and we always have fun together. But I felt awful. Turns out, it was an 'acute muscle spasm' in my neck. Tuesday I cried out in pain whenever I moved my head, didn't want to eat, didn't pee. That is SO not me. I love to eat - and I LOVE to pee on things. Felt a bit better Wednesday with the help of some drugs, saw Dr. H on Thursday and I am feeling better every day. But I have definitely aged again and am kind of nervous about stairs etc. Plus, my stupid paws keep sliding out from under me on the hardwood floors. I also LOVE to sleep a lot.

I'm guessing partly because she was away for so long, and partly because I gave her a scare, the human has been mauling me with hugs and sniffing my fur. It's brutal. But I endure it. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

I Can't Help it, I'm Old

Had some fun with the human yesterday.

She did yoga at home, and I added to the joy of her practice by lying at the top of her yoga mat. I do not cuddle, so she loves it when I choose to be close to her.

I could sense her happiness as she put herself through a rigorous yoga practice.

When she was finished, she laid down with her head next to my butt for her savasana. The fireplace was on. Candles lit. Me next to her.

A perfect moment, right?

I gave her about five minutes to enjoy it before I farted loudly right beside her head.

Savasava over.