Monday, March 19, 2012

This is my lobbying face

This photo was taken at 3:00 pm on Sunday, March 18, 2012.

Time, in my opinion, for dinner.

I believe the policy of eating an early dinner on weekends to be one worthy of defence.

The human often disagrees. At which point, I commence my lobbying efforts.

(yes, I am aware that my human is a govenrment official and that I must register to lobby her on behalf of Early Dinner. I have complied with all of the requirements set out by the Lobbying Commissioner.)

I begin by staring at her.


Without blinking.

When that fails, I add whining to the mix.

If that doesn't succeed, I move closer to her and hit her with the stare/whine combo.

She will usually attempt reason.

'It's only (insert time here)!'

'Storm, lay down'

'I KNOW you aren't starving'

blah blah blah, yap yap yap.

Eventually, I ALWAYS win.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Spring' grass

Ok, so I ate a bit too much of the late winter grass starting to poke through way earlier than ever before.

What kind of person grabs a camera and starts taking pictures when I barf it up???

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Friends

Best friends are there for life. As soon as you meet, you know you're destined to walk a path together.

My best friend is Cosmos.

Yeah, she is skinny and smaller than me. But she is 100% the boss in our friendship. She sets the rules and I follow.

When we were young, we ran together off leash at Bronte, chased things, and had sleepovers at her house.

When we got older, we shifted to on-leash walks. She pranced ahead, even though she is older than me, while I trudged along behind.

We sniff things together. Pee together. Ride in the car together.

She comes to my birthday parties and shares cupcakes with me.

When my human says 'Where's Cosie???'' I get beyond excited.

Cosmos is a gentle, loving dog. The only time she gets her back up is when unfamiliar dogs have the audacity to touch her. She maintains a strict no touch rule and enforces it strongly. I get liberties as her BFF. No other dog gets away with touching her.

Yesterday, my beautiful, gentle friend joined my boyfriend in whatever magical place beautiful canine souls go to when they leave us.

My human and I are in pain. We will miss her so very much.

Cosie, I will see you there someday. I love you.