Friday, November 28, 2008

I think I liked it better when the human wasn't speaking to me at all.

I didn't have to endure being called her "little poppet" when she came home.

Dear God.

Save me.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

My human and I had so much fun last night!

I was snoozing on my dog bed in the living room when she suddenly got up off the couch and motioned for me to follow her.

I did.

I was excited...wondering what was happening.

She motioned for me to sit.

I sat.

She motioned for me to stay.

I stayed, and watched her.

She went upstairs.

I continued to sit and stay.

Then I heard "STORM!". OMG, it sounded like it was coming from somewhere upstairs. I ran up the stairs, and into the bedroom, which is where I thought the sound came from. I stopped in the doorway for a few seconds, stayed very still so I could listen, but I didn't hear anything.

I turned around, went into the bathroom, looked around, nosed the garbage bin. She wasn't there.

I heard it again. "STORM!".

OMG! Back into the bedroom! This time, I looked around, sniffed by my dog bed, sniffed under the bed. She wasn't there.


I headed back out into the hallway and checked out the guest room.

No human.



I ran back into the bedroom, sure the sound came from that vicinity. Looked around some more, stood still with my tail and ears up.

I heard a sound...coming from the was open just a I ran over...and THERE WAS MY HUMAN! I found her! We had a huge celebration. I picked up a slipper to offer as a celebratory gift.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I had a sleepover at Auntie Diane's Sunday night! Cosie and I had such a good time. We met up at Bronte at 11am and all went for a walk.

Saw Hughie for the first time in ages - was strange though, because Jade is always with him. But she wasn't there human asked Hughie's human about Jade, and her mom started to cry. Jade was abused, and her kidneys were damaged because of it. They gave out, and she's gone. I bet she's glad that the latter part of her life was so awesome, thanks to her new human. I'll miss Jade. She was an awesome huntress - she got more bunnies than I did.

After our walk, I got into Cosmos' car and my human drove off in hers (I saw her staring at me as I drove off). My bed and my food were with me so I was cool. It was a fun sleepover. They made chicken there - real chicken, not the fake crap my human eats - omg, I tried SO hard to make them give me some.

Then Monday, Diane took me back to my house. I hung out for awhile - and then Louisa showed up, which was totally exciting. We had a walk, and I was a very good dog for her. A couple of hours later, grandma showed up! OMG! And then - my human came home! I was so freaking happy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We had our first snow last night! The human and I went for a super long walk in it when she got home from work. I was really excited when we walked out the door. I love snow. I sniffed a lot of it while we walked, she laughed when I ended up with little mountains of it piled up on my nose. We went down into the woods for awhile, sniffed around and watched the big fat flakes coming down between the trees. I think we walked for about one and a half hours; when we got home, we were cold and tired but happy. Oh, and we played hide and seek when the human got home! It took me awhile to find her the first couple of times, so, when I did, I was over the top happy. I celebrated the last find by choosing a stuffie from my basket and offered it to her.

Uh, oh. Gotta run. Louisa and I are locked out of the house!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It has been a busy week! We had a killer hike in the fall leaves Sunday. The human and I went to the Bruce Trail, and I got to do the whole hike off leash. She held onto me once, when we met up with a family with two little girls. I got to say hi to them, since I was behaving well. One of them had a stuffed panda in her pocket....omg, I wanted to steal it soooooooooo much. The hike was a bit hard because I appear to have pulled something when I took off after a deer at Bronte Saturday, but I still had fun.

We went to Bronte yesterday at dusk, did some super fun exercises in the model airplane area before we did an off leash walk. The human and I ran around posts, picnic tables, up and over picnic tables and then had huge celebrations after we finished. She made me sit and stay in the field, then she'd walk away. She didn't say anything to me, but I sat and stayed anyway. Once we'd done that for a few minutes, she knelt down and called me and opened up her arms. I ran to her so fast the first time that I knocked her over! I was just so excited!! Anyhoo, it was a good time.

In order to make it clear that perfection is not on the agenda, I ate a pair of her underwear this morning.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This. Is. Just. WRONG.

Quinn, come live with us before this happens to you again next Halloween.

I'll have a chat with your mom on one of our afternoon walks and arrange your rescue.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday night party

Hi everyone! I'm back! The human picked me up Saturday afternoon. I was SUPER happy to see her. I grabbed all sorts of things as offering gifts - a shoe, my food dish, my bed. OMG I could hardly stand it. We got into the car and drove home, and I barked all along Lakeshore Rd. to let all the other dogs know the bitch is back. We parked, she opened the door to the house and I ran inside, sniffing and making sure everything was as I left it. I was restless, so the human took me for a long walk. She let me do what I wanted - so I got to sniff all the key p-mail spots, get my updates and leave my calling card. She petted me lots on the walk and we had fun.

Later that night, the doorbell rang. Her friend Jill was there! I greeted her happily. The human put me on umbilical and took me outside. Damned if there weren't three huge dogs in Jill's car. I briefly let them know what I thought about that, then sat down beside Lesli while they disembarked from the back of the vehicle.

I met them one by one. First Ginger, then Smudge, then Ruby. I went back into my house, and they started to come to the door. I stood in the doorway and reminded them all - loudly - that this is MY house (that is, until I was rudely jerked by the collar...I stopped then). They came in and it was pretty fun in the end. I sulked for awhile behind the loveseat (with my treaty ball - I paraded around with it, knowing they all wanted it and letting them know it was mine). After awhile, though, our leashes came off and we totally had a good time together. We hung out in the living room, in the back yard, and I tried to get Smudge to chase me with my pink stuffed pig in my mouth.

The humans kept saying they were proud of me. Jill was talking to me (nice, since my human hasn't spoken to me in two weeks).

They left, and I slept like a puppy.