Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holy crap, I saw a coyote at Bronte yesterday. Would have chased it, too, if Wayne hadn't been so quick to hook me back onto a leash. What a chase that would have been.

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas, and I've got a spring in my step today.

I got some great presents - a stuffed bunny without the stuffing (it looks rather like the roadkill I frequently covet), a stuffed sheep (which is already missing some stuffing in its head) and then dried bull penises (it just doesn't get any better, does it?).

Since I had identified my gift from Piper without any human help, using my superior scent skills, I took it upon myself to remove it from under the tree and open it. He got me the sheep, and some really smelly treats. Delish.

The human and I went for a walk in the snow after lunch and I ran and played and felt like a puppy. Carried her red mitten in my mouth for awhile on the walk, ate some snow, an all-round good time.

They're busy making Christmas dinner right now. There's a HUGE, amazing smelling turkey on the counter and I know that, despite the household rule against sneaking meat the the dog, my human will sneak me some.




Merry Christmas everyone -


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Are you KIDDING ME???

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last night was weird - on one hand, wonderful, on the other hand, very confusing and stressful.

Human and I went for a nice after-dinner walk, the routine intact, my world was as I expect it to be. We hung out for awhile in the park across the street - she sat on a big tree stump while I laid in the grass and observed the world.

Then a big truck pulled into our driveway. She got all excited and said those magic words.

"Where's Adam????"




Suddenly, I was a Mexican jumping bean, unable to keep my ass still or my feet on the ground, arthritis and hip displaysia forgotten as I bounded across the street.

Where I found Adam!

I went out of my mind with joy. His friend Jeff was there too. I also love Jeff.

Seems like a utopian night for a Boo, right?

Not so much.

Next thing I know, I'm attached to my human with a leash around her waist, and Adam and Jeff were hauling furniture and boxes out of the basement, from the upstairs area, into that truck.

I was so confused.

I panted, cried, paced, tried to stay as close to them as possible to supervise and attempt to decode their behaviour.

Oh, sure, they gave me occasional pats on the head etc. to reassure me. It didn't work - I immediatelly returned to panting.

The activity ended, and suddenly, after a brief goodbye, Adam and Jeff were gone.

I sniffed the house, trying to find them.

Then laid down and cried a bit.

And crashed like a stone.

Emotionally exhausted.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Very sore this morning. Ugh. I was limping, had to walk super slowly and stopped a few times just to rest and sniff the air.

Getting older has some benefits, but few of them are physical.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ah, geese.

You produce such delicious poo.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I choked on my kibble this morning.

Not the usual "suck in too much kibble/hork it out onto the floor/eat it off the floor" stunt I like to pull.

I seriously choked.

Each meal is so exciting, you know? I can't stop inhaling all the delicious food.

Next thing I know, I'm gasping for air, trying desperately to dislodge the kibble.

The human rushed over, wrapped her arms around my belly under my ribs, and did something with her fists, but it didn't help. I was still choking.

She grabbed my face, pried my jaw open, shoved her hand in and expelled some kibble.

Much to our relief, it worked.

I stopped choking.

And proceeded to continue to inhale my yummy breakfast.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We went to Kincardine yesterday, leaving super early at 6:30 am. I slept most of the way - except for the part where the human was singing Christmas carols and gazing at me. Oh, man. I gave her my best "are you a complete retard?" look, but it didn't stop her. Next thing I knew, she was laughing and telling me how cute I was. I gave up, and joined her, sitting up and barking along while she sang.

After we left the car at the dealership, we walked to the house. Too long for me. I slowed down a lot after about 30 minutes, hips and back hurting. I could tell the human felt badly. She matched my pace, let me decide how fast or slow we would go, let me take little rests to sniff the air. Despite my discomfort, I ran gleefully across the big lawn when we got to grandma and grandpa's house. Grandpa and Piper were home - had a great visit, spent the whole day outside.

Piper was humping me.


I didn't kill him, because he's family.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I realized this morning that my body has an embarrassing Pavolvian response to certain things my human says.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot avoid licking my chops whenever she says the following:

"Let's go have breakfast!" (she said this twice this morning to test the theory, and, indeed, I licked my lips both times)

"Are you hungry?"

"Mmmmm peanut butter"

"Who wants a peanut butter kong?"

"Treaty ball!"

"Who wants...DINNER???" (along with the lip licking, I dance to this one)

What else....


"Who wants a bickie?"


Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm having my annual end of October sleepover with Cosmos!

My first hour here was a triumph. Managed to cause a whole lotta trouble and keep everyone on their toes.

Aunt Diane thought she had prepared the house for me.

I laugh.

Ha ha.

She clearly forgot about the almost empty tuna can, the yogurt container, the delicious Kleenex in the garbage...I could go on.

Grabbed them all, ran around the house. She chased me, retried the illegal objects, and while her focus was on retrieval, I was plotting my next move.

Eventually she won, handing me a dog toy to play with.


I'll see what I can do today...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today the human referred to me as diabolical.

She also called me "Muffin".

I confess, I am confused.

If I'm not mistaken, a muffin is a small, cake like baked good humans enjoy. Cozy, yummy, sometimes even cute.

But diabolical?

I am not aware of any diabolical muffins.

Hence my confusion.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guest Blog: My Human Writes

Storm is getting older, and our relationship is changing because of it. We’re closer, I think. It’s a calmer, more respectful, more appreciative relationship. My love for her is deeper, and I’m more aware of the little things I love about her.

The smell of her fur, the sound of her breath, her heartbeat.

I love how she greets me when I come home, sometimes with the exuberance of a puppy, sometimes with a gift (stuffed animals, slippers, shoes, socks, you name it), sometimes with the laid back happiness of a tired older girl, but always with joy.

I love that she likes to have a chew on her bacon nyla bone every night before going to sleep.

I love her dog kisses.

I love her insatiable curiosity about her world. It never changes. She wants to sniff, explore, taste everything she encounters.

I love how she cocks her head to the left and right and stares intensely when she’s trying to understand something people are saying, or when I say a word she knows and which excites her.

Like “dinner. And “Adam”. Or “Grandma”.

I love it when we are walking and I glance back at her (she’s almost always behind me now, slowly plodding along) and she’s gazing up at me, for whatever reason.

I love her soft ears.

I love the grey on her chin , and the long grey hairs showing up on her belly.

I love that she protects me, that her instinct to keep our “den” safe is typical of her amazing breed.

I love that, while she apparently wants to beat up almost every dog she meets, she always, always makes an exception for male German shepherds, instead acting like a complete and utterly submissive tramp around them.

I love that she is still like a puppy in some ways, chewing the crotches out of any pants or underwear I’m foolish enough to leave lying around, mangling full toilet paper rolls, breaking into her food cupboard and helping herself to dinner, clearly devising evil schemes in order to subvert the rules and get to food she covets - and, despite what any experts say, demonstrating full awareness that she has done something I will not approve of when busted.

I love how she seems to want to go to bed earlier and earlier now, crying until I turn the TV off and put jazz on the living room stereo, at which point she stands up, ready to head upstairs to bed.

I love it when she wanders around the house with her pink stuffed piggy in her mouth.

And when she carefully examines my wounds before gently licking them, ostensibly helping me to heal (but sometimes making it worse).

I love it when she stacks, that classic German shepherd stance, looking incredibly regal and strong.

I love that no one will break into my home or try to hurt me while she’s around.

I love that she lays down for a morning tummy rub every day, and that sometimes she wags her tail so hard her whole rear end wags.

I love watching her run and roll around in snow.

I love sitting on the rocks by the lake with her leaning against me, both of us gazing out at the water, listening and smelling the air.

I love the way she hunts in the grass for rodents, listening and then pouncing like a coyote.

I love that she has her father’s wide rear end.

I love that, despite her well deserved tough girl rep, her best friend (and unquestioned superior) is twelve year old mutt who dominates Storm without question.

I love coming home to her.

I love that, despite advancing age, her soul is that of a puppy.

I love that she has a boyfriend she clearly adores.

I love that she’s aloof with strangers, but over the top excited about the people she loves.

I love that she does drive by lickings on people who hate being licked, wiggling her butt in joy as she slinks off, apparently knowing full well what she has done.

I love that first moment when we wake up and greet each other every morning.

I love that she doesn’t suffer fools.

I love the way she makes it easy for me to love her, without fear, without hang ups, without any need to disguise or hide how happy she makes me.

I love that she loves me even when I’m hanging around the house in sweatpants and glasses looking like crap.

I love it when she stalks inanimate objects, like bags, or branches, and then acts like she knew it all along.

I love watching her joy when she settles her belly down into a mud puddle, or creek, or lake.
I love that she bites water.

I love it when she howls at sirens, looking at me intensely first, as if she’s saying “Dear god! Do we need to alert everyone!?!?!”

I love hearing the sound of the toilet seat drop as she shows me again and again that putting the seat down is no deterrent to a German shepherd determined to drink out of the toilet.

I love that she picked me when she was four weeks old.

I love that she’s a challenge.

I love her eyes.

And nose.

I just love her.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It occurred to me the other day while I was peeing on some fox poo that the protocols surrounding different types of poo can be confusing. It has taken me nine years to figure it out. Perhaps it would be helpful to other dogs if I summarize my learnings below.

Accordingly, the following poo protocol synopsis has been developed.

Storm's Poo Protocol Summary

Goose Poo

Rabbit Poo

Fox Poo
Dance around, then pee on

Horse poo

Cow manure

Pig poo

Coyote poo
Respect. Don't pee on it. Don't eat it. Sniff it, and give it a wide berth.

Bird poo

Dog poo
While I realize some dogs may disagree, I say give it a big PASS

Racoon Poo

Deer Poo
Roll in

I think that covers the poo I frequently encounter. If any of my dog readers are aware of a poo I have omitted, feel free to send the poo and its protocol to me and I would be pleased to add it to the list.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I had a full day yesterday, thanks to the police.

Wayne picked me up for my daily walk. We went to the park, had a nice leisurely stroll. He brought me home around noon - and couldn't drop me off, because our 'hood was cordoned off with police tape.

I have no idea what was happening, but it meant I got to go on a second walk. Wayne took me with him to pick up Jack and York, and we all went to Bronte together. It was a lot of fun. When Lesli got home, she was in a rush to get me outside. I realized it was because Riley was in the park. Another walk with Riley!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love it when the human puts a new roll of toilet paper on before leaving for work.

Helps me to keep busy during the day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just when I thought we were finished with hot, humid weather, we were hit with a rainy, super humid day yesterday. Not good on the old bones!

We got the xray results at the vet. Turns out, my spondylosis has spread to about two thirds of my back, from my shoulders to tailbone. The vertebrae have bridged mid-back (which makes me stiff) but have yet to bridge near my tailbone (which makes me hurt). My one hip is awesome - in great shape, as are my neck, elbows and knees. My other hip has some dysplasia, but it's not horrific. The doctor said that, if she didn't see any dysplasia in a nine year old GSD, she would have been shocked.

That explains the soreness.

Great news is that she doesn't want the human to limit my activity. I need to keep my muscles strong - we just have to learn to listen to my body (ok, I have to learn to listen to my body and refrain from following my basic instinct to run after things when I'm sore).

Kind of a drag to be dealing with spondylosis, but, it is what it is.

The human is trying cartophen shots to see if that helps my discomfort and, if that doesn't work, we'll move on to Metacam. I still get delicious fish oil on my food every day for the Omega 3s too!

I was limping a lot this weekend after a lot of running at Bronte, so we took it easy on the walks.

Made for a rather boring weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I tried again to eat an acorn yesterday.

Still not very palatable.

Kept it in my mouth for awhile, until the human noticed and took it away so I wouldn't choke on it.

Guess I'll add acorns to the very short list of things I prefer not to consume.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday's hike can only be described with one word.


Sure, the weather was perfect. Sunny, a tinge of fall in the air. The leaves at Bronte are starting to change, first signs of red popping out. Squirrels are busy gathering nuts for winter. We parked in Lot F and headed to the creek trail, which meant I was headed for a swim and a romp in the water.

None of those things made the day so blissful, however.


It was the bog mud.

And the pig crap.

I was the dirtiest I think I've ever been, and I loved it.

She didn't notice I had lept from the boardwalk in the bog until it was too late. The mud was so thick, I was sinking and had trouble walking. I rolled around in it to ensure I was thoroughly covered - even mashed my face into it. When I came up, my head was caked in dark bog mud. I couldn't see! So, I stumbled over to some marsh grasses and ran my face through it, clearing my eyes and nose.

Euphoric, I climbed back onto the boardwalk, caked from head to toe in thick, stinky bog mud.

Just to ensure the human didn't miss out on the experience, I shook, covering her from head to toe in black splotches.

She was wearing a white t-shirt. She appeared to be thrilled.

We made our merry way toward the creek. I ran the last few feet and flung myself with joy into a deep part of the water. Billows of black mud spread out around me. I chased a few sticks, played in the water with a 6-month old German shepherd whose name escapes me, and, once satiated, pounced into some tall grasses to roll around.

The mud on my body was less striking by now, but my head was still nice and thick with it, so my roll in the grass accessorized my wet furry bod with various grasses and burrs.

We continued the hike, me, prancing proudly, her, well, laughing, shaking her head, that sort of thing.

I suppose she thought I was finished.

However, we had yet to reach the pig barn.

Once we did, I flopped down for a nice roll in some pig poo.

My ensemble complete, I settled into the front seat of the car (editor's note: on her waterproof seat cover, all four car windows open wide, human gagging) and surveyed my world proudly as we drove home.

That, my friends, is true bliss.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm aging.

There's no denying it.

More often on our walks, I sit down and I don't want to move for awhile.

Sometimes, I lie down in the grass to rest.

My joints ache when I get up in the morning, and when I rise up after a nap.

I sleep more, and like to go to bed earlier than before.

My snout is more gray, and there are gray hairs showing up on my ears and belly now.

If I run, I'm sore for a few days afterward.

Lesli's taking me for xrays this week so they can try to figure out why I walk so slowly, limp sometimes, and have taken to lying down for rests on our strolls. They'll try medications or whatever to ease any discomfort I'm having because of getting older.

But the reality is, I'm a nine year old German shepherd - not a puppy anymore. So I'm going to show signs of age.

As hard as it is for my human to accept, I'm not going to live forever. My life will be shorter than hers, and she cannot stop it. I'll continue to slow down. Our walks will become strolls - they'll be shorter but take just as long as they used to when we covered miles and miles of territory. I won't run as much - and when I do run, I'll pay for it. My joy in life will take on more of a quiet grace than reckless abandon. Sleep will become more precious and common to me.

All of that is ok - the way it's supposed to be.

I wish I could tell her it's ok. I'm grateful to her for her continued efforts to make me comfortable - but really, all I need is healthy food, plenty of time to rest, some nice strolls with different scenery and smells to enjoy and the steady companionship and love I've come to count on with her.

With that, we'll both be just fine.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I was at my devious, intelligent best at grandma and grandpa's this weekend.

After dinner, while they were all relaxing inside the house, Piper and I sniffed the recently used bbq. It smelled amazing. We licked a few of the utensils. He appeared to be satisfied with that. I wanted more.

More, more, more more.

My superior intelligence enabled me to remove the dripping pan from below the bbq. This pan catches fat and meat juices. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (along with a lot of charcoal and black stuff).

I carried the pan away from the bbq and ate every last bit of the black stuff inside it.

They eventually busted me, but I had already consumed the contents of the drip pan, so, whatever.

The barfing started around 11pm. First I barfed on the carpet (grandma wasn't too pleased that I puked charcoal all over her beige carpet). Then I barfed on the floor. Then on Piper's dog bed.

I continued to barf on Sunday, and some more early this morning.

Lesli worked at home with me today so she could make sure I was ok. She figured all was fine - my body was rejecting the crap I shoved into it, just as it should - but she wanted to watch me just in case (and clean her carpets immediately after I barfed on them).

Apparently, she doesn't want our beige carpet to have black splotches on it.

I don't see what the big deal is.

Anyway, I've been barf-free since around 10:30 this morning.

Would I do it again?


Sunday, August 16, 2009

(insert your favourite circus or late show announcer voice here)

And now, for today's gastronomical adventure...

Today I tried to eat (drum roll please)...

A wasp.

That's right, the yellow backed, flying, stinging little bastard got in the way of my mouth as I was going down for a "must get this damned Gentle Leader off my face" roll. So I tried to eat it.

Jesus, was that a mistake.

I tried to spit it out.

Not so easy.

It thrashed around in there, buzzing and causing all sorts of trouble until I eventually expelled it from my mouth (while the human tried to pry my mouth open, concerned by the ridiculous and never-before-seen behaviour I was exhibiting).

Won't be trying wasp anytime again soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tried eating an acorn today. Not so tasty.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What a surprise for me this morning - the human's friend gave me a birthday gift - a big rawhide bone!

I had to shake a paw, other paw, then give the human a kiss this morning. I knew I was working for something and, as soon as I completed the tasks successfully, she handed me a package. I proceeded to open it - able to smell the rawhide through the wrapping and so excited.

Once it was revealed, I carried it around the house for awhile, crying, trying to figure out what exactly I must do with it.

There was really only ever one option.

It must be buried.

But where?

I searched inside the house but found no suitable burial locations.

So I moved my search outside, dropping the rawhide at the doorway to wait while I looked.

The suitable burial spot has still not been located.

I'm resting now, preparing to head back out to continue the search later today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We had a really nice walk last night.

The day was very hot, but the evening cooled down just enough to make it a perfect summer night.

We started off for our usual trek along the lake, walking slowly over to the park and skirting the shoreline, looking for squirrels and groundhogs and any other potential meals in the form of small mammals.

Near Burloak, we climbed down to the rocks and started to walk along those. I sniffed for voles, the human just looked around.

When we reached our "favourite" rock, she sat down. I stood for a minute, then joined her, sitting with my back up against her side while I sniffed the air. I eventually gave in and laid down on the rock beside her, continuing to sniff the air and keep my eye on the area surrounding us. Ducks swam by, gulls flew over head, a few geese went by.

Quite a nice way to spend an evening.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another birthday is almost over.

My 9th was a hot one, filled with amazing raw stewing beef for dinner, a kibble-filled cupcake, a swim in the lake (followed by a birthday bath) and a close call with a groundhog.

It's over 40 degrees with the humidex, and when we walked outside it felt like walking into a bowl of soup. My swim was extra special since it was so hot. In addition, there was a delectable flock of geese very near to the shore. I considered going after them, and began to swim in their direction; however, midway through I reconsidered given the amount of energy it would have taken to catch them and returned to shore.

Happily, there was no "happy birthday to Boo" song this year.

At nine, she is finally showing me some respect.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today I got to see where my human goes during the week.

First, we went through the Second Cup drive though on the way to work, like she does every morning. She got a cafe mocha. I got a dog treat. We continued on to her office, which is in an old house in Hamilton. I was pretty excited - always fun going to new places. We parked, I sniffed the front porch, and then we went in. She showed me around - I checked out all the offices, the kitchen and the bathroom. I also conducted a thorough investigation of all garbage cans. Some were disappointing, but one or two proved to be fruitful.

I played with my treaty ball for awhile, had a snooze, went for a nice walk on the grounds surrounding her office, sat in the shade under a big tree and generally had an interesting morning.
There are tons of squirrels and chipmunks at her work. She's so lucky. If I worked there, I know for sure I'd NEVER get any work done (unless you consider ridding the premises of rodents work - then I'd be a super effective worker).

Think I'll have another sleep now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Seventeen days since I last posted?

Wow. Sorry about that.

I've been feeling pretty lazy lately. Even though it hasn't been a hot summer, I'm kicking back, not doing much. Going for my daily walks (or crawls...feeling my age lately), snoozing on the nice, cool floor, stealing things from the garbage, eating goose poo and toilet paper rolls. Nothing new or exciting.

I did get a new collar on Friday. Frankly, it really pissed me off at first. It goes around my snout, to give the human pain-free (for me) power steering, and to protect my neck and back from corrections (as if I, innocent, sweet German shepherd that I am, would ever need correcting). At first, I despised it. Tried to get it off, thrashed around like a trout. However, it quickly became apparent that whenever I showed signs of accepting it and behaving, I received a piece of kibble. So I behave more often now. I even let a cyclist go by me on the sidewalk without attempting to murder him on Saturday (and received a yummy kibble in return).

More soon. Gotta rest my weary bones. I hurt lately - human and vet are trying to figure out why.

Friday, July 10, 2009


To: Chipmunks
From: Storm
Date: July 7, 2009
Subject: Recommendation/solution

Over the years, I have seen many examples which lead me to conclude that you are, as a species, prone to both daredevil-like behaviour and suicidal tendencies. You run out onto the road in front of cars, timing it so that the hapless driver has no chance to stop, thus ensuring a quick and effective end to your lives. You repeatedly dart across paths, tails raised, squeaking, taunting me and daring me to catch you.

Today, however, one of your kind exhibited truly unique and, in my estimation, brilliant behaviour when he literally jumped directly into my mouth.

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

He has now died, and gone to heaven.

So, chipmunks everywhere, if you're feeling blue, suicidal, or thinking you'd like to become the Evil Knievel of the rodent world, I strongly suggest more of you use the method employed by the chipmunk noted above.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I peed on a bale of hay tonight.

That was new.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Great hike at Bronte tonight.

Sniffed, explored - and peed on - my world.

Life is good.
It's been a busy few days since I posted last.

Later that evening - I think it was Tuesday - Eli and Zac showed up at the den. About half an hour after that, there was a knock on the door. I was already ecstatic, and wondered, who else could be coming to visit the den?



It was ADAM!!!!! (and Nikki, who I also love).

My favourite human ever was there! I haven't seen him since Christmas. God, was I happy - it was difficult to fully express my joy. I pasted my ears to my head, wiggled every possible part of my body, brought gifts. Just so happy.

They all barbequed. I begged, got attention, you know, the usual.

The next day wasn't as fun. The human cut me while she was trimming my nails. I bled for about 45 minutes. Oblivious to this, I continued to move freely around the house, on the beige carpets. She finally managed to stop me and forced me to lie down while holding pressure on my nail and expressing a good deal of regret and guilt. I did my best to show her that I really didn't hold it against her.

Once I stopped bleeding, we met Cosie and Diane at Bronte and hiked a new area. Plenty of new smells to investigate with my BFF.

I was a bit sore and slow yesterday - not sure if it's my nail or arthritis. The weather has been rainy, so it could be my bones.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My human has not had a good sleep the past few nights. Her fault.

She caved last week and let me sleep on the bed with her one night.

As if I'd forget that.

Now, every night, I sit by the edge of the bed and cry. When she eventually wakens and opens her eyes to see my giant ears facing her, peeking over the top of the bed, she knows what she's done. She pats my bed, says "Boo boo, come over here".

I ignore her and continue my bedside vigil.

It's not until she actually gets out of bed and comes over to lead me to my own bed that I give in.

Haven't decided how many nights I'll continue my vigil yet.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love peanut butter mornings.

Today I got to lick the almost-empty peanut butter jar while the human made her cafe mocha.

Next, I had my usual little smudge of peanut butter on her breakfast plate once she was finished.

Somehow, I can't help but think that is a very good way to start the day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot days are not my thing.

Neither are hot nights.

I prefer spring, fall, winter to summer. My coat is beyond thick and black. Go outside in a black outfit and coat on a hot day, and you'll begin to get a sense of why I dislike hot sunny days.

Yesterday was one of those days. The human let me have an early morning swim on our 5:30 am walk. Sleep was hard to come by last night, even with the air conditioner on. I panted so hard.


Monday, June 22, 2009

I had a party yesterday!

Diane and Cosmos showed up at our house to go for a walk late yesterday afternoon. I was totally beside myself with happiness. We headed out for a walk along the lake, and guess who we met on our way?

Riley! And Gary!

We all walked together. Sniffed stuff together, peed on things together. My human was going to let me have a swim because it was hot. Usually Riley doesn't come down to the lake, but he did yesterday. He was funny - he wasn't really too sure what to do at the water. I ran straight in, bit the water, rolled around, swam, shook. Riley kind of tested things out on the shore, played with algae and rocks and eventually came into the water a bit. Cosmos got her paws wet, I think - that is usually the extent of her involvement with water. We all romped and played in our own way down there. Riley dug up a big rock, and carried it up to the grass in his mouth.

He is SUCH a man. Ahhhhhhhh.

We continued along, two of us wet, one nice and clean and dry.

Usually we split up by Riley's house. He goes home, we continue along the sidewalk to our house.

Yesterday, though, this did not happen. He came with us.

All the way into my yard!

I couldn't believe it! Riley came to my house!

Riley, Cosie and I wandered around, checked out toys and bones, had a drink and generally had a good time.

Riley made up a game. My human put a big bowl of water in the yard for him (since Gary was in the yard, Riley was in the yard - he never strays far from his dad, so, the water had to come to him).

He self-played with his tennis ball back there, eventually coming up with this game where he would drop the ball into his water dish, fish it out, carry it across the patio, drop it, chase it while it rolled, catch it, and take it back to drop into the water bowl. Then he'd do it again.

He appeared to enjoy this game.


I don't get it.

But, whatever, I was still just glad he and Cosie were over hanging at my place.

My peeps.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I was a bad girl yesterday. I had a good time being a bad girl.

My misbehaviour began at the QEW and Northshore Rd, after having been packed into the car and driven along Lakeshore. I realized at this point that we were most likely heading somewhere really fun, and, unable to clearly detrmine where we were headed, decided barking my brains out, smearing the passenger side windshield with dog snot in the process and trying to climb out of the car via the dashboard would be a good way to release the pent up energy inside me. I was not aware the human had a headache, which made her slightly more intolerant of my ridiculous behaviour.

"Storm, sit!" she commanded.

I sat.

For about five seconds, before my ass popped up again and I resumed my attempt to climb out of the front windshield. And so it continued all the way to the RBG parking lot.

"Storm, sit!"

"Storm, SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We arrived at the RBG and found Diane and Cosmos. My human rolled down her car window, uttered something to Diane in frustration and next thing I know I'm being unceremoniously dumped into Diane's van. All good with me - Cosie was there, and it was fun. The part where she shut the door on my tail? Not so fun. I wasn't hurt.

The four of us went for a walk at Coote's Paradise. Paradise is a good word for it. That place is oozing chipmunks and squirrels. Seriously, I have never seen so many. I tried to chase all of them, nearly pulling the human over a few times. She tried to slow me down, stop me. I ignored her. Later in the hike, I nearly yanked her into a small creek, and into the lake during an attempt to chase down a couple of swans. By the time we were heading back to the car and I nearly yanked her down a hill while chasing a chipmunk, she was beyond mad at me. I had to do a down stay. I got up before she told me to - that got me into even more trouble.

It was worth it. I had SO much fun - swam, chased stuff, sniffed, explored, hung with my BFF.

I slept the rest of the day.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I went to the groomer yesterday.

Also known as the canine version of Guantanamo Bay.

At first when we went into the pet store, a place I adore, I was happy. I tried to eat pig's ears piled up in a box and apparently free for the taking. Attempted to gnaw on a roasted marrow bone sticking out from a display, and had a general sniff around the place.

Things changed rapidly. Next thing I know, the human was handing over the leash to the groomer - who started to make me walk away from my human, which confused and upset me. I started to cry out, assuming my human would respond and rescue me.

Instead, she walked out the door.

I was led to the back, where I spent the better part of four hours being washed (or waterboarded from my perspective), poked, prodded, snipped and stuffed into a jail cell.

Surely there is a law against this kind of canine torture practice?

After a few hours I was sprung from the cell and led to the front. I spotted my human and bolted to her before anyone could catch me and take me back to the torture chamber.

Little did I know, the worst was yet to come.

Apparently I emerged all "cute and fluffy and delicious smelling". I am still being mauled on a regular basis.

I've got to roll in something gross very soon and put an end to this cuddling bull****.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My boyfriend was hit by a car!

He's ok, thank god.

He was playing catch with his ball in his favourite park across the street, saw two dogs across the street and, quite uncharacteristically, decided to run across to say hello to them. His dad yelled at him to stay, no no avail. Off Riley went, onto Lakeshore Rd. He was hit by an SUV. The man stopped, apologized to Gary, said he tried hard to avoid Riley. Gary told him it was not his fault - it was his fault that Riley was off leash and ran into the street. When Riley went onto the road - at rush hour - his dad's heart was in his throat.

Amazingly, all that happened is a small abraision on the inside of one of Riley's legs.

He is truly incredible.

I love him even more now.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have a message to deliver.

I know we have language issues. I will try to make this as simple and clear as possible.

Stay away from my bum.

All of you.

Don't touch my bum.

Don't lift up my tail to look at my bum.

Don't stick fingers or thermometers into my bum.

If my anal glands are clogged, leave the damned things alone. I'll suffer.

Don't talk about my bum.

Just leave my bum alone.

Seriously. I've had it with all of you.

Got it?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There is a field at Bronte that, around this time of year, is like a little slice of heaven. Whenever we hike in May, we stop in this field. If it's windy, you can see the tall grass blowing with the wind, and smell thousands of amazing scents in the air.

We stopped in our field last night during a twilight hike. The human laid down in the grass. I licked her face, then, surrounded by super fat blades of spring grass, feasted on the buffet around me. Once I'd filled my belly, I kicked back, put my nose up and sniffed the air. Whenever the wind changed, the scents changed.

I love that field.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello readers! One tired out German shepherd here. I ran a bit too much today, given that my arthritis is bugging me. Couldn't help it - we got to Bronte and Diane and Cosie were there - happy, happy happy! We had a great walk, played in the creek, I rolled in some mud (Cosmos is such a lady - she tiptoed through it), and met a few dogs. Good times. On our last walk of the day, I saw Riley again and we walked together. Now I'm home and pretty damned tired. And smelly.

Had a rather humiliating experience the other night. I was tired after a day of hiking and sleeping, and was snoozing over by the loveseat, upside down with my ass exposed for the world to see. The human came down to the floor to snuggle me (ugh) and, well, I think I farted but I'm not sure. This totally intense smell started coming from my butt. Next thing I know, the human is examining my ass. I kept snoozing. She got up, went into the kitchen - and I heard water running.

That is generally not a good sign.

I stood up in order to facilitate a quick escape if necessary.

It was futile. The human came out of the kitchen holding a wash cloth. I could smell shampoo on it. She lifted up my tail and - jesus - cleaned my ass. It was SO humiliating.

Some days...but, hey, I smell petal fresh now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I ran into Riley on my morning walk today - what a surprise! Even he was excited. He usually plays it cool with me, but this morning, he ran toward me and was all playful. We circled each other, did a few play bows, I ran back and forth around him and then we all walked together around the neighbourhood. He peed on things, then I peed on top of his pee after assessing it. We stopped together at my favourite spring grass eating spot, and Lesli fed us both really good spring grass (sometimes it's hard to get to so she helps out). Great way to start my day.

I hear, however, that things may go downhill. I believe the human told Riley's human something about a visit to the vet this morning and anal glands.

This does not please me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Totally awesome weekend. Got to play with my BFF Cosmos yesterday at Bronte! She brought a new guy with her, Sky. He's big - he's a wolf/malamute cross and is totally cool. I liked him right away. We have a lot in common - we both like to lay down in muddy puddles, swim in everything and we both sometimes go from being happy and playful to suddenly aggressive. One thing we do not have in common - he listens to his human when he's told to stop. I just keep fighting until someone pulls me off. We ran and played and laid in puddles, went down to the creek (where I took a little ride in the current but got out ok). The three of us played like puppies down there. I was so tired out, I didn't even ask for my evening walk. Just slept.

I was a bit sore this morning after all that running and frolicking, so we did an on-leash hike this morning. We went up to Burns Conservation Area for the first time in over a year - plenty of new smells, tons of fresh water to lay in and bite, a lake to swim in. I had a lot of fun. The bath afterward? Not so much fun. Apparently I "earned" it because I shook in the car. Whatever.

I just finished doing the crazy wet dog thing, running all over the house and jumping on beds. Time for a nap.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

You know how I've written about ways to torture your human - eating dead stuff, making them pull it out of your mouth after they try shaking your head with your mouth open to make it fall out, etc.?

Well, that was minor league.

I hit the holy grail of grossing the humans out on our walk last night.

That's right.

Even made a tough, retired cop feel like barfing.

Wanna know how to do it?

It's easy - and delicious.

Suck back a big pile of fresh entrails - and let them figure out how to get THOSE out of your mouth.

That's right! A tasty delicacy, combined with the side splitting entertainment of watching your humans squirm in panic and disgust.

I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

My human ended up stepping on the intestines, breaking them off so I couldn't finish the whole serving.

But what I got....mmmmmmmmm......amazingly tasty. Once in a lifetime treat. Right there, in a park on Lakeshore.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tell me, what kind of idiot would take me a little way into a building in which about 20 rabbits were living and then be surprised when I showed no intention whatsoever of leaving?

The rest of the hike yesterday was great. Plenty of vole hunting (though no success), swam after a mallard who, I think, was protecting his nest, smelled tons of fresh spring stuff, tried to chase a few squirrels (leash got in the way) and generally had myself a great time. I even managed to snag a bit of cow manure when we wandered over to the Children's Farm.

But that bunny fiasco, man, that was a rotten way to leave it.

The disappointment was indescribable.

Oh, and get this - on Friday, we went for an off leash hike at the other side of Bronte after work. I was beyond happy - I ran and played and expressed every last ounce of happiness in my soul. When we got there, this GIANT dog - and I do mean giant, he is a mix between a Great Dane and a St. Bernard - developed a bit of a crush on me and started trying to hump me.

Rather like me trying to hump a Yorkie, if you want a sense of the size comparison.

With my back, ain't gonna happen. Tried to tell him off but he'd just bounce right back.

In the end, the human and I wandered off and he forgot all about me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I channeled my inner wild canid this morning during our hike at Bronte and did some vole hunting in the dry meadow grasses. Quite fulfilling. I even did some pointing. Listened...standing very still...for the sound of vole movement in the grasses below me...when I heard them, I lept into the air and came down fast on my front paws. Didn't catch anything, but the hunt was excellent just the same.

Also went for two lovely swims in the mallard pond, longingly stared at a few squirrels, unable to chase them because of my leash, met a nice 12-year old yellow lab and barked in the car while the human built a protective barrier around a killdeer "nest" (I use the term lightly since killdeer are really crappy nest builders, preferring to lay their eggs in gravel or on rocks) set right in the middle of the parking lot.

Overall, I give this day an "A".

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a great day! Drove home from grandma's early this morning, and, after barking at some giant windmills that were threatening our car, I snoozed the whole way, much of that time with my head on my human's lap.

When we got to Burlington, we stopped at Second Cup and then I could sense indecision in the human. Should we go home...should we go to Bronte...she didn't have my muzzle so no off-leash romp...what to do...about 3 minutes from the park, she made a decision and pulled in. It was a beautiful, sunny day - the kind of day a girl doesn't need to be off leash to have a good time.

Oh, did I have a good time.

We walked all over the park on different trails. I swam in a pond, tried to chase a pair of mallards until my leash kicked in. I played in so many spring puddles I lost track. Rolled in fresh grass, hunted moles and listened to frogs singing. There was a huge assortment of new smells and sounds where we walked today, and it was fantastic. I finished the hike off with a final dip in the mallard pond and a final mole hunt near the parking lot.

Got home, checked out the house to ensure all was in order since we had been away. Satisfied, I headed for the backyard and dried off in the sun.

One of those days it's just plain awesome to walk this earth.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I made a discovery during a very rainy, muddy walk at Bronte late this afternoon.

It is impossible to bonk a mole to death with a muzzle.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ohhhhh so sick yesterday. I was so desperate I went to the bathroom on the carpet. Hate doing that. Tried so hard not to, but, lacking opposable thumbs and therefore the ability to open the back door to let myself out, I had no choice but to go on the carpet upstairs. The human was very understanding, and, after about 40 minutes of work, appears to have returned the carpet to its original condition. I had to go out lots during the night, so neither of us got much sleep. Today, I made it through - partially because of the lack of food. Nothing but rice today, bland but I suppose my stomach is grateful.

Poor me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More spring grass this morning! I found a great patch of the stuff and ate the whole thing. Barfed it up ten minutes later on somebody's lawn, but that doesn't matter - it was worth it. So delicious.

Yesterday was a blast. We went to Bronte - I hadn't been all week so I was particularly excited and started barking well before we arrived at the park. We saw Oreo, and a couple of labs (labs are, sorry to say, so lame....I like picking on them). Paris and Boscoe came too. We usually just walk along the trail together, we don't play much. Not today! Paris, Boscoe and I ran and ran in the creek, chased each other around, did tons of play bows and acted like a pack of German shepherd puppies. We got covered in mud and made total messes of ourselves while the humans watched (they seemed resigned to it). It was just awesome. I felt like a puppy yesterday. A good day to be alive.

It's raining today, but I think we're heading to the off leash park soon regardless. I'll be a happy disaster once we're finished.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I had my first spring grass of 2009 on my walk last night! Ok, so, the blades were about two inches long and the human had to find them for me. That doesn't mean it was any less wonderful. I keep checking my favourite spot for spring grass - none is up yet, but the human tells me it will be there soon.

One of the many joys of life, noshing on yummy fresh grass.

We're heading out soon to meet up with Paris and Boscoe for an off leash party at Bronte. I havent' seen Cosie in awhile - hopefully will get to see her soon. I miss her.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I noticed the other day that I now have little flecks of grey appearing on my ears.

I'm getting older. And wiser.

Time has taught me some valuable life lessons.

"Dogs" that weigh under 20 pounds are not, in fact, dogs. They are snacks.

Spring is the best time to eat goose poo. Great combo of fresh and cured frozen winter poo.

You cannot afford to be complacent in the car. Threats are everywhere; always protect the car.

Toilet paper can be eaten while still on the wall; no need to wait to raid the garbage for the empty roll.

Puddles are little pools of joy and should be jumped in, run through, and generally enjoyed at every possible opportunity, no matter what your age or how bad your back is.

Joggers are evil.

Rollerbladers and skateboarders are worse.

When you eat grass, it sometimes makes it hard to get the poo out of your bum.

Cats never lose their allure as prey.

Barking is fun and should be done as often as possible.

If you're on the furniture while the humans are out, always be alert so you can hop off quickly and not get caught.

Chasing provincial park trucks and vehicles is super fun.

You cannot smush dead rodents into your mouth through a muzzle. Don't bother trying.

Snow = joy. Don't ever forget it.

If you have a dog seatbelt on, hang your head out the open car window and bark at cows; you can cause mini-stampedes and it's really fun.

Greyhounds and whippets are hard to catch unless you can outsmart them. And that ain't hard.

Don't steal food that has chipotle peppers in it.

Your pack is everything.

Humans are imperfect, but still worth loving.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I had a bath on Sunday after our hike.

I do not like baths.

It's not because I don't like water. I love water. I love puddles, creeks, lakes, rivers, any body of water, small or large, draws me in. I love to bite it, eat it, lay in it, roll in it.

Water and I, we're cool.

So why don't I like baths?

Because I come out all fluffy. Soft. Pretty-smelling.

And that, my dear readers, makes it impossible for the human to resist petting and hugging me.

The past few days?



Days filled with "puppy hugs". Random touching. Sniffing of my fur. Exclamations of "ohhhhhhh you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute".

You'd hate baths too if that's what happened after them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Strange morning yesterday. The human indicated that it was time to get into the car, which, on any given weekend morning means we are headed for a hike. I stepped up to the passenger side of the car and noticed a large envelope on the floor. I sniffed it. Coudn't figure out what that scent was...took me a few minutes of intense sniffing before I realized. It was the smell of....the VET!! They were xrays. I immediately exited the car. To hell with that - I signed up for a hike, not torture.

The human laughed (so insulting) and insisted I get into the car. We drove toward the off leash park, so I got all excited. Perhaps I had been mistaken?

An unexpected left turn shut me up.

We parked, and went into a very nice place that has food. I smelled it immediately and headed straight for the food shelves. Met a very nice woman upon entering the building, and then Dr. Honda came out and said hi to me. I liked her immediately (and not just because she had food in her pockets), gave her some Storm kisses. We spent quite a bit of time together. She felt my legs, back, hips. It felt good, actually. Kind of like a massage. Wasn't so thrilled with her looking into my ears, but I let her. And then she put me in a headlock and someone stuck a needle in me. I forgave her...more kisses. I think she' s my new vet, and sense she'll be a good ally as I move into my senior years.

Met a four month old Doberman named Kato yesterday. He had massive paws! We had a good time on our hike.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

GREAT walk at Bronte this morning. We had a bit of snow, which put me in a particularly playful mood. The human and I met up with a lady and her yellow lab, Koby at the very beginning of our walk and we all stayed together the whole time. I totally liked Koby. We played and hung out, wrestled a bit in the snow and generally had a fun time together.

Ran into a dog I really liked and haven't seen since, oh, 2004, I think. I was totally floored when I saw and sniffed him - I remembered Bali right away, and he definitely remembered me. We had a fun reunion. Lots of sniffing and playing. He's got some gray around his muzzle now, too, but he's looking good! I wish we could have spent more time together. Maybe I'll see him again soon and we can play. I used to love spinning him around on his back, using his neck as leverage. Yep. Those were the good ole days.

It's now just after nine. The human is salivating in front of the tv over some guy named Hugh Jackman, who's hosting the Oscars. I'm going to finish this post and hit the sack, with duckie, goosie, piggy and koala.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My neighbour, Calais, gave me a rawhide bone for Christmas. As with all rawhide, as soon as the human handed it to me, I put it in my mouth, went to the back door and cried, because I desperately needed to bury the rawhide as soon as possible. Understanding my urgent need, she let me out. I secured the bone under a big pile of snow, and further disguised the spot by piling more snow on top of it with my snout.

Imagine my dismay when I went into the yard last night and discovered my treasure laying out in the open, robbed of its snowy hiding place. I immediately went to work to fix the situation. After approximately ten minutes of focused effort, the bone is once again hidden beneath a large pile of mud and dirt.

I am pleased.

Monday, February 16, 2009

GREAT time at the dog park today.

Everyone was there. Diane, Cosie and Kammy drove up the same time we did. Then we saw Quinn, Paris, Boscoe. Met Mika, a GSD puppy. Who else...Chance and her new puppy sibling Button (who had a total case of the puppy crazies). Dollar...I just know I'm forgetting some dogs.

We walked in a big pack. I found a woman who had cookies in her pocket, and decided to stay with her pack instead of following my own. They walked on ahead, and even when I lost sight of them, this new cookie-laden pack was more attractive to me. I eventually left and rejoined my group.

I chased a huge hawk across the field and tried to smush a dead mouse into my muzzle so I could eat it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've had a good weekend. Yesterday we hiked the Bruce Trail with Cosmos and Diane. I had a bad case of wanderlust, and took off to chase things a lot. Felt really playful too - Cosie and I had a couple of totally silly play sessions. Sometimes it's fun to visit your inner puppy. I was really tired last night after all that running, leaping and hill climbing, so while the human watched a sappy movie, I snored on my dog bed.

Today we went for an off leash walk at Bronte. Less strenuous but still got plenty of exercise chasing squirrels and hawks. For some reason, my mood on this morning's walk could best be described as "pushy and bitchy" so it's a good thing the human had me muzzled. Even with the muzzle, I got in trouble once for bullying a dog (look, in my estimation, it wasn't really a was small, fluffy, white and scared s******* of me; it was prey). Lesli did the collar grab/eyeball thing to me, and the next time I passed the small white piece of prey, I gave it a pass.

Heading off for a nap in the sun now. It's such a nice, sunny day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Valentine's Day, and, even though I'm a dog and we do not celebrate your strange human holidays, I have a story to tell you.

I met a cute guy online!

He left a comment on my blog, so I checked him out.


You know how I like men of my, even though I'm a tough girl, I go all silly around them. Vimy in Ottawa, Riley here in Burlington, that handsome shepherd I met at Bronte a few weeks ago and exposed my belly to. This guy is gorgeous - and I think he's sable, just like my mom was. His name is cool is that? His favourite foods include small dogs and cat fritters, just like me. He doesn't cry, just like me. He watches people carefully and protects his human, just like me. He has a strong prey drive, just like me. He says he likes watching Shutzhund. If he does Shutzhund, well, I'm toast. The canine version of my human's SWAT weakness. Can't fight it.

Is this the canine version of online dating? If only we were truly capable of communicating. If I met him, I'd likely exhibit all of the behaviours that prompted Tara and Heidi, our former neighbours in Ottawa, to refer to me as a tramp (whatever that is).

My human and I are spending Valentine's Day together. Went for a nice walk early this morning and saw a really pretty sunrise, very pink. In about an hour, we're meeting up with Cosmos and Diane to hike the Bruce Trail. Then I suspect we'll come home for nap before enjoying a yummy dinner.

I'm going back to my power nap in preparation for a hard hike.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've had another case of canine writer's block. Actually, there hasn't been a lot to tell you about. Snowy walks, stuffing my muzzle full of snow, the usual stuff. Right now it's warm and rainy and all the snow is melting, so I get soaked with salt and sand and muck every time we walk. This requires a thorough rubdown with a towel when we come back to the house. I do not like towel rubdowns.

Despite the warming trend, our house has been super cold at night lately, so the human has taken to covering me up with a blanket in my little doggie bed beside her big bed. The other night, I must confess, I was super cozy and happy. She'd covered me with a blanket, and I had both my Christmas goose and ducky in the bed with me (photographic evidence included here). Total bliss.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I would like to thank my human.

The other day, I lunged at a woman walking by me on the sidewalk.

Yet this morning, a man came flying toward me with a shovel, in the dark, and I barely noticed.

The human, in trying to figure out my apparent lack of common sense and inconsistency, suggested that mild retardation must be the explanation.

I can assure her, I am not, in fact, mildly retarded. And I appreciate the fact that the person she suggested it to also has faith in my mental capacity.

That being said, I can't explain my behaviour. I'm a female. Can any of us explain why we react the way we do??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I discovered tonight that I quite like baby carrots. Not the medium sized ones; those are summarily rejected and end up on the floor. The little tiny ones. Delicious.

I also discovered something else this morning. It's hard to poo when your back paws are freezing. Lifting them up out of the cold is, well, uh, a challenge when you are mid-poo. Apparently, though, it makes humans laugh like crazy. Nice.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I went for a hike at a new place with Cosmos yesterday, a mill near Waterdown. What an awesome hike. There was a lot of fresh snow, and big, fat snowflakes falling while we walked. Lots of hills to run up and down, too. Cosie and I led the way, attacking the snow, running away from it, plowing our heads through it and generally acting like two puppies. We'd bonk into each other, bounce off each other and run. We explored, sniffed, ate snow, occasionally checked to see that the humans were still behind us, smelled the air and listened to the sounds of the forest and the water.

Seriously, it was totally awesome.

We got home mid-afternoon and I was zonked for the rest of the day. In fact, I took it upon myself to head upstairs to bed just after 7:30, before the human went up. Not a common occurrence. It was a good tired, the kind you get when you've had a ton of exercise and fresh air, you know?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You know someone really loves you when they're willing to let their left hand freeze so that you can carry their glove in your mouth on a winter's evening walk.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Yesterday's off leash romp at Bronte was beyond fun. I had to wear my muzzle, because there were a lot of new dogs there, but that didn't get in my way. The snow was awesome - perfect, fluffy and cold, great for a girl with a fur coat to roll around in, plow her face through, and run in. I chased a hawk out of a clearing, met a couple of new dogs and behaved myself, and sniffed a whole bunch of things.

Near the end of our walk, things got even better. We were walking with Chance and her mom when my human spotted a green bulldozer/plow thing. To me, it just looked like giant prey. Lesli stepped on my leash as soon as she saw it so I couldn't take off after it. I wanted to laugh, but decided, instead, to let her think it was working. As soon as the large green prey passed us, I launched myself at it with every ounce of strength I have (which is significant). The leash came out from under her foot and I was off. She figured there was nothing to worry about, told Chance's mother "she'll never catch it...she'll be back".

What planet does she live on?

I caught the plow and ran alongside it, barking at its giant round legs and what appeared to be a huge mouth on the front of it. By now, I could vaguely hear the human running behind me, calling my name. Like I was going to stop!

Eventually, I tired of the game and had chased the prey far enough away from the pack. I returned to the pack (and knew I was in her bad books...). She ignored me. We continued on the trail with Chance and her mom. They realized I wasn't with them again, looked back, and spotted me. I was working hard...trying to make the most of the limited time I knew I had...the human figured my leash was caught...started to head towards I worked even harder...and smashed my muzzle into the pile of dog barf I had found. It was nearly impossible to get any of it with a snow covered muzzle on, but, by god, I tried.

Um, our walk ended after that.

Don't get why.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I partially killed my Christmas goose last night. Wasn't sure what else to do with myself when Adam and Nikki suddenly appeared at the house just before 11pm. Found myself with a lot of excess excitement and energy to deal with, also with the need to present them with my customary welcome offering gift. The goose was an excellent choice as offering gift, and, conveniently, since I never actually give the gift to the person, I held onto him and chewed the hell out of him after everyone was settled. Lesli woke up to the sound of my chewing and tearing the goose and got out of bed to make sure I wasn't enjoying a pair of workout pants, underwear or some other assorted contraband. Her lack of trust is appalling.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I almost caught me a cat last night! Ohhhh it was close. The human and I went to visit Adam and Nikki, who are babysitting a whole bunch of animals - two dogs, two cats, a lizard-type thing and birds. The first thing I saw when I walked in was Adam. The second was an orange cat. It was like a dream. Went for the cat, held back by my leash. Found another cat. Spent a good part of the visiting trying to get to the cats while Chopper, the Great Dane, sniffed my butt and tried to get me to play (he was really very funny).

Finally got close to Harley under the dining room table - damned if he didn't just stand there, hiss, growl and try to punch me. He didn't even run! Wtf??? It was quite dissatisfying.

I made up for it though when I got the younger, less experienced cat, cornered in the front hall. Holy crap, did he ever freak out. He was stuck behind a chair, and I was on the chair, trying to get to him. The human was trying to pull me back without damaging my neck (which is hurt). I didn't care about my neck - I wanted that cat in my mouth. In the end, the human won. She pulled me back and the cat went flying up the wall, knocking stuff over and trying to get away in its confusion. It would have been mine - it was totally freaked out.

Now, THAT was satisfying.

Chopper, Jake and I went for a romp through a graveyard later last night. We had so much fun!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Man, I've had a terrible case of canine writer's block.

Let's begin by saying Happy New Year!

Great Christmas this year, except for not seeing my human very much. Adam and Nikki drove me to Kincardine (worst drive they've ever had, but I slept peacefully in the back seat, until a tow truck driver had the nerve to come to the window of the car, then I ensured he was aware they were under my protection). Then Lesli showed up for two days. I followed her everywhere, but, despite that, she managed to elude me sometime before lunch on Boxing Day. I hear she went to Vancouver, spent time with another dog and his owner. She still hasn't come back. I think she went to some cottage in Gatineau for New Year's Eve, and I've heard talk of her coming back for me tomorrow.

That woman is NOT getting out of my sight again.

I haven't made any new year's resolutions. I'm perfect the way I am.

Time to kick Piper off his dog bed and await the impending rumoured arrival of my human.