Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We've had some "pack madness" over the past week or so. Human and I drove to the airport one afternoon. I was restless; I knew something was up. We parked in a huge garage, she left me in the car - and returned with Adam! I screamed and squealed and tried to squeeze myself out through the back hatch in order to reach him. They stood there and laughed at me. Eventually, my mom took me out of the car so I could provide Adam with my full greeting. He stayed with us for a couple of days, then, grandma showed up. Again, overwhelmed with joy, I raced around the house frantically grasping toys I could offer as welcome gifts. Next thing I knew, they were both gone. Just my human and me. I sulked, cried, looked for them. Adam came back, but not grandma. One night, my human went out. I waited at home, rolled my treaty ball around for awhile, napped. Heard the garage door open...got all excited...went to the door to greet her - it was my human, but also - ADAM! And....NIKKI!!! Christ, I could hardly stand it.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Richard showed up Friday. Seriously...I

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Every morning, the human and I go for a long walk.

Many of those mornings, we are nearly hit by idiot drivers while we cross a well lit major intersection at Burloak and Lakeshore. It's appalling.

We are sick of almost being hit by cars driven by people who just don't look.

We had a very close call this morning.

The human put her hands out kind of saying "wtf???"

The guy stopped his car, in the middle of the road.

He started yelling at us (apparently my human is a bitch and it's our fault because she was wearing a black coat and I'm all black).

I just stood beside her, watching it all go down.

Until he started to get out of his car.

That's when I let him have it. I made it abundantly clear that he had crossed a line, and that I was not prepared to let him go any further.

The human took me off umbilical, held my leash out as though she was ready to drop it, and asked him (perhaps not so politely) "Do you WANT to meet my German shepherd, fuckwit??" (I love my human).

At which point he got back into his car, advised her once again that she was a bitch - and a bad driver (apparently he forgot that she was actually not driving a car?) and drove off.