Friday, October 12, 2012

Morning Coffee

I love starting my mornings this way. A good walk, sniff and a bark, coffee and then - a nap.

Seriously, by this point, I've been up for an hour.

Rest is required!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things that happen when you get old

I suffer fools even less.

Taking breaks on walks is super fun; it's good to plop down whenever the urge strikes and sniff the air for awhile.

Speaking of sniffing, I love to smell everything now.

My joints and my back hurt.

Routine? It was always important to me. But's everything.

Family get togethers are fun for about ten minutes. Then it's way too much and I prefer to curl up on a dog bed away from the madness and rest.

I fart more.

Bunnies have a much higher survival rate around me, since they are too small for my once laser vision to make out from much of a distance.

Conversely, I cannot see large moving items as well so baby strollers, wheel barrows and occasionally humans must sometimes endure a fierce German shepherd fear bark.

When I forget my age and take off chasing something, I pay for it later.

My friends have started leaving me. Riley, Bristol, Cosie - I hope you're having fun wherever you are, and will see you when my time is here.

Food remains a complete and utter joy, even when you're old.

I go to the vet more.

The human gazes at me more, and pets me more. Ugh.

Which means I get treats at the vet more.

I still look scary when sitting up in the car with my human, and can still scare off men with road rage who get out of their cars and walk up to my human's window (that's right, did it, and it was SO much fun!!!!)

Really, life is about food, stability, quiet exercise, and being with my human and the pack members I love in this world.