Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I know I've written about puddles before, but after last night, I felt it was worth writing about them again.

Because I love them so very much.

We went to Bronte last night. A nice spring evening, around 11 degrees. The sun was setting and a full moon was rising. We wandered through an area of the woods that rates high on my spring puddle rating scale:

1 - no spring puddles
2 - one or two spring puddles in walking territory
3 - there's a puddle every five minutes or so, and about half are good for rolling in
4 - puddles every few minutes, 75% waddle/roll/sink into quality
5 - omfg, puddles EVERYWHERE, huge puddles, ones you can run in AND puddles you can swim in

The woods we walked in rate a 4. Generally a 3, but the existence of a spring pond at the exit point bumps them up one point. This pond rocks. Swam in it last night - pure happiness.

For me, well, it's just not enough to get my paws wet or drink out of puddles.

I need to be the puddle, be one with the puddle, you know?

I hear we may be heading to a 5-star spring puddle park on Friday.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I've been so busy, no time to write.

Spring has come early to my territory, and, with it there is much to do.

Spring grass to find and eat.

Puddles to play in.

Small ponds to swim in.

Squirrels and birds to chase.

Running to be done.

It really is overwhelming. Each night I'm exhausted.

The down side of spring in my territory is that the local geese almost all go away to lay and brood their eggs. They don't return until the eggs have hatched - which means a downturn in goose poo availability.

Regardless, life is good, I feel great and spring has arrived.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More crunchy goodness

I ate a rodent skull yesterday.

Dug it out of the grass.


Crunchy skull goodness.